sexta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2015

Trump Tower

A retitle of the old post Hi in Vegas by the force of circumstances

Hi Vegas
I'm in Vegas
I'm at the Harrahs
I'm at the Circus
I'm not downtown

Hi Mom
I'm in Vegas
I've been shopping
Walking stripdown and up
Having a lot of fun

Hi there
Ain't I gorgeous?
I know, I'm just a girl on a card
But if you wish
I can become for real

Hi 500 dollars babe
I'm just a 100 pounds boy
I've left home today
And I can dream
Hi I Hi I Hi I Hi I

Hi Dad
I'm in Vegas
I've been playing blackjack
I put on that poker face you taught me
But there was no girls on the cards

How can I get to power?
Enter at Bally's
Pass through the slot machines
Turn left where the blackjack tables are
Do a walkthrough charming Paris
Get out at the Arc de Triomphe
Turn right to the Eiffel Tower
And you'll see Cesars Palace
And then Trump Tower
The power back and forth
Back and forth